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Well, this part of my site is still in process.

I know that I want to offer some of my short stories & essays to the web audience but am not certain yet how to proceed.

In the manner of Neil Gaiman, the author of "The Sandman" graphic novels, "The Anansi Boys", "The Graveyard Book" and several children's books (including "Coraline" from which the movie of the same title was inspired), I want to offer my scripts or stories to the world wide web and invite graphic artists to illustrate them. All I ask is that you either email me a link to your illustrations of my stories, or link this website to your website (where the artwork & stories are displayed). This could be a lot of fun. Check back often!

the zoo
She loved the zoo- all those animals! The ones inside the cages and the ones outside the cages.

Sometimes- just in her private mind- she swapped clothing and characteristics between the incarcerated livestock and the admission paying crowds. The pretty Barbie pink headband appeared on the gorilla’s head and a stunning addition it was. The giraffe’s long neck replaced a woman’s own neck, making it incredibly difficult for her to finish her frozen lemonade.

She loved the zoo. But when it was time to leave the dread began to build. The exit door that swung around through a series of bars- it always left her feeling sliced into pieces. Pieces that were precariously stacked and balanced on top of each other for the rest of the day.

the sharpie

Body image was the real issue here- each morning before the mirror he spent several minutes just observing his reflection. For years he had limited his sense of design to his hair and the clothing he wore. The hair styles varied over the years from mullet to scalp only, the clothing from baggy saggy to nearly Speedo tightness and brevity. He had made dedicated efforts to altering his physique as well- oceans of sweat and vein-pulsing workouts.

But then he discovered his true gift: each morning, in front of the mirror with his trusty Sharpie pen, he simply redrew himself as he wished to be.

The Gardener

Gardening was her life- to be outside working with dirt and plants gave her peace and joy. One of her favorite stories was the myth about the god pursuing an uncooperative nymph. When the nymph cried out to the goddess she served to protect her, the goddess granted her wish by turning her into a tree… this seemed a happy ending to the gardener. The years passed and eventually she began to resemble the nature she loved- wrinkled tan skin like bark, crystal blue eyes like pieces of sky. When she finally died she became part of the earth she loved- compost.

A funny word, that- rooted in Old French and Latin- meaning not decay or destruction or spoiling but “something put together”.

A happy beginning.